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iBiotec, solvent,  degreasers, galvanising agents, technical greases, Lubricating oils, Machining lubricants, Food-grade lubricants and degreasers, Products for the plastics industry, Products for mouldmakers, Anti-corrosion products, Release agents, aerosol, Penetrating fluids, Detergents, Leak detection, Gas testing, SOLVENTS


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for maintenance
Industrial processes and production

Alternative solvents, CMR substitutes, eco-solvents

Degreasers, cleaners, detergents, paint strippers

Technical grease lubricants and cutting fluids
Corrosion protection with cold galvanising  
Thread lubricants mould-release agents

Anti-spatter spray with or without silicone

Cleaning products and cleaning agents

Safety, inspection and testing products


Manufacturer and supplier of technical aerosols with non-flammable gas, technical lubricants, maintenance products, alternative solvents. Ibiotec, solvent, penetrating, galvanizing, grease, cutting oil, lubricant, food industry, NSF-certified lubricant, mould-release agent, welding product, corrosion protection, stripper, aerosol, degreaser, brake cleaner, detergent, disinfectant, gas leak detection, SOLVENTS. Vegetable-based solvent. Alternative solvents. Agri-solvents. Eco solvent. MOSH-free solvent. Food-grade solvent. Maintenance products. MRO products. Green solvents. CMR substitutes. Substitute solvents. Acetone substitutes. Acetone substitution. Replaces acetone. MEK substitute. MEK substitution. Replaces MEK. Dichloromethane substitute. Dichloromethane substitution. Replaces dichloromethane. Methylene chloride substitute. Methylene chloride substitution. Replaces methylene chloride. Xylene substitute. Xylene substitution. Replaces xylene. Toluene substitute. Toluene substitution. Replaces toluene. Alternative solvents. CMR-substitution solvents. Alternative solvent suppliers. CMR-substitution solvent suppliers. Alternative solvent manufacturers. CMR-substitution solvent manufacturers. CMR substitutes. CMR substitution