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iBiotec, solvent,  degreasers, galvanising agents, technical greases, Lubricating oils, Machining lubricants, Food-grade lubricants and degreasers, Products for the plastics industry, Products for mouldmakers, Anti-corrosion products, Release agents, aerosol, Penetrating fluids, Detergents, Leak detection, Gas testing, SOLVENTS


A trademark of TEC INDUSTRIES



Our Company

Our primary objective is to listen to our customers and give them full satisfaction.

Improve our environmental performance.

Promote a shared understanding in the area of social responsibility.

Provide long-term technical solutions.


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Our business

Formulating, designing, manufacturing and packaging industrial technical products.

Packaging aerosols using natural, non-flammable, atmospheric gases.

Printing designs on packaging using screen-printing (serigraphy) or pad-printing (tampography)


Key account specialities

Industrial processes and maintenance.

Cleaning and cleanliness.

Safety and alternative products.

Precision mechanics, automotive subcontracting, aeronautics.

Space, electronics, optics.

Metal manufacturing, steel construction, plastics processing, foundries, food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics industries.

Printing works, paper and cardboard manufacturing.

Glass works.

Energy, chemical, oil and gas production.


Paints and related products.


Chemical fixing.

Composite manufacturing and use.


Our resources

Consolidated workforce: 116

Site surface area: 44,000 m²

Production surface area: 17,900 m²

Research centre and laboratories surface area: 700 m²

Customer and administrative services surface area: 1,000 m²

Patents: 17

First ISO certification: 1993

Storage capacity raw materials: 1,600 tonnes:

Production capacity: 38,000 tonnes

Aerosol packaging capacity: 8,000,000 units

Screen printing and pad printing capacity: 4,000,000 units

8 pilot manufacturing units with a capacity of 14m3/h

3 packaging lines with a capacity of 1,200 l/h

3 aerosol packaging lines with a capacity of 60 aerosols/minute


Site certified:

ISO 9001/2015

ISO 14001/2015

ISO 45001/2018

Integrated Management System

ISO 14040 certification process underway

Lifecycle analyses

ISO 26000 - social responsibility




Our philosophy 

iBiotec is heavily involved in the development of technologies that help reduce risks for both human beings and the environment. This commitment is reflected in the product ranges that we offer our customers and in the management policy in force at our industrial site. Our laboratories have the human and material resources to respond quickly to customer requests and to launch innovative products on a regular basis. In support of our in-house resources, our company maintains a network of strong relationships with major external laboratories, scientific committees, universities and international suppliers through targeted partnerships.